Why blogging should use WordPress hosting

Blogging is very favored in today's societies. Numerous companies and online communities use it to express their opinion or increase their sales for the business. To break down the meaning of a CMS it stands for Content Management System, and an example of free open software used by bloggers is WordPress or Tumblr. 

WordPress is open source blogging software that's super easy to set up. To work, WordPress must be installed through the web server on the web host. WordPress works on Windows and Unix-like. As of today, 37 million communities are freely hosted on wordpress.com. It's an ever-growing platform for blogging!

1. Why use WordPress hosting?

Employers and Webmasters use blogging often for a variety of different reasons. For company use, blogging is an awesome way to market products and engage with customers and clients by expressing your views on your product you are trying to sell. It's good to have a blogging schedule, once a week, or alternatively once a month is suggested, this improves your backlinks and SEO which makes you higher in the search engines!

Online communities still have the potential to generate revenue from being a webmaster of a blog. Paid Per Click advertising using AdSense is a great method. Every person who clicks on your Google Ad, you will receive a commission of 0.25$ to 1$. Paid per click is also known as PPC but please bear in mind if you click on the ads you could risk your publisher account being banned or limited.

2. More about WordPress blogging

Most web hosting providers offer for you to install it from your hosting account. The next step would be to creating a MySQL Database. Websites that just use WordPress and just run a blog (CMS) will require fewer bandwidths because it's using less web hosting resources. Clients can download WordPress for free and if they are only running a blog it will be cheaper compared to running a website. So, WordPress web hosting changed over time to fit the needs of webmasters so it's cheaper, easier, and improves business.

Cheap web hosting is available and it allows you to install the WordPress CMS directly and the cheap web hosting does give you access to other blogging features. You can choose what Content Management System you want to install as your open source blogging software. Generally speaking cheap or slightly more expensive web hosting, you should receive the same service.

3. Top Tips on choosing a WordPress hosting package

If you don't have developer experience and you’re a new webmaster, a one-click install is a way to go. This makes installation easy and this way you don't have to worry about MySQL servers and databases being corrupt in the process. Some internet hosts have a specialty into blogging, for example, wordpress.org will host your blog for free. Do some research on the best web host for your blog if you need hosting your blog. You do not to be any skill sets to create a blog, i.e. coding, graphic design, read below for more information

If you are starting out as a webmaster it's best to start with a small web hosting package and not waste your hard earned money. As you are expanding into a larger community and you start to notice you are going over your monthly bandwidth then look at increasing your bandwidth and package.

3.1. Servers

Having slow Servers is the last thing you want; it will cause your clients to leave. It's all about finding the right genre and topic for you to grow. You may want to consider what type, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, etc. because if your community is too large it could have an impact if you are sharing internet hosting with others

3.2. High Uptime

If you have a lot of traffic and web host hits, I would definitely suggest investing in DDoS protection. Cloudflare is the best out there when someone tries to resolve the site IP, it goes to the Cloudflare firewall and all of the bots will bounce off that IP instead of your site. Another way you can ensure high uptime is if you receive more traffic, increase your website bandwidth and look at the best package to buy. Top tip: the fewer scripts and images you run, the faster your community will load.

3.3. Company Reputation

It’s good to reduce the negative experience before it happens. I'd suggest looking for bloggers who have used the blogging software you are thinking about and the hosting provider. If they have a good experience, the likelihood is you will too. Read reviews online before you purchase.

3.4. Customer Support

You need to make sure your host has customer support if you ever face an issue, which is probably certain. Ideally, 24 hours is recommended but if not up to 48 is fine. You could consider looking for a web host that has instant live chat/phone support 24/7 in case of a DDoS attack to get you back online but you may have to pay more money for this service.

4. Conclusion

WordPress is one of the best ways to assist with your blogging needs. WordPress is the most popular blogging software you will find. Due to this popularity, the majority of internet hosts cater to bloggers like me and you. The majority just one click and your CMS is installed on your website. Other web hosts have specific plans that you can purchase if you are a blogger. Especially, you can buy Wordpress hosting just for $1.00/mo at Godaddy for the 1st yr.

Good luck to you,


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