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Why blogging should use WordPress hosting

Blogging is very favored in today's societies. Numerous companies and online communities use it to express their opinion or increase their sales for the business. To break down the meaning of a CMS it stands for Content Management System, and an example of a free open software used by bloggers is WordPress or Tumblr. 

WordPress is open source blogging software that's super easy to set up. To work, WordPress must be installed through the web server on the web host. WordPress works on Windows and Unix-like. As of today, 37 million communities are freely hosted on It's an ever growing platform for blogging! 1. Why to use WordPress hosting?Employers and Webmasters use blogging often for variety of different reasons. For company use, blogging is an awesome way to market products and engage with customers and clients by expressing your views on your product you are trying to sell. It's good to have a blogging schedule, once a week, or alternatively once a month …