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Ways to Protect Your Domain Name for a long time

Ways to Protect Your Domain Name for a long timeYour domain is your personal or professional identification on the Web and contains your essential info such as your site, contact or store info. There are a variety of frequently practiced mistakes that might trigger domains to be exploited, pirated, expired or erased from Web world. image source
The 3 most typical reasons for domain loss, and ways to counter them, consist of: Take care of Domain Name Expiration DatesIf you do not pay your property mortgage, your bank or home mortgage lending institution will take your residential or commercial property. Likewise, if you do not continue to renew or restore your domain name, your registrar will take the domain name back. 1. Remember Your Domain Name Expiration Dates seriouslyDomain names are provided in increments of 1 year, up to a 10-year term. It is extremely important that you keep an eye on your domain name expiration dates. As soon as ended or erased the domain name, another person mig…