Godaddy renewal promo code - Saving you 27% off on your renewal orders

Godaddy renewal promo code that will save you 27% off on your renewal orders

Hi all you guys,

Today, I will introduce you a new method that can save you from 20% - 27% off when you do renewing your domain name or web hosting at Godaddy.

This method is also active for a long time until now. In the previous time, Godaddy wants to push more sales in India, so they offer this in India country, and it's for Indian customers only.

But now all customers outside India can use this method easily. Basically, you just need to change your default currency of your country into India currency (INR, Rs). You need to do this action when you're renewing your domains or hosting and at the check-out page.

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Detail processes are below

At first, you do renew your domain names and web hosting normally. If you don't know how to renew your domains, you can read this article first about how to renew your domains and hosting at Godaddy

Then at the check-out page, you look at the top-left corner, there's a section for you to change the currency, as the image below

After switching the currency, the page will refresh and you will see the currency has changed to India currency (INR, Rs) as the image below

And you also see the price reduces about 27% off. The total cart is in Rs and also reduces 27% off too.

Finally, all you need to do is to click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to continue. That's simple!

The previous article I introduced here Godaddy renewal promo code

Good luck to all you guys!


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