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Ways to Protect Your Domain Name for a long time

Ways to Protect Your Domain Name for a long timeYour domain is your personal or professional identification on the Web and contains your essential info such as your site, contact or store info. There are a variety of frequently practiced mistakes that might trigger domains to be exploited, pirated, expired or erased from Web world. image source
The 3 most typical reasons for domain loss, and ways to counter them, consist of: Take care of Domain Name Expiration DatesIf you do not pay your property mortgage, your bank or home mortgage lending institution will take your residential or commercial property. Likewise, if you do not continue to renew or restore your domain name, your registrar will take the domain name back. 1. Remember Your Domain Name Expiration Dates seriouslyDomain names are provided in increments of 1 year, up to a 10-year term. It is extremely important that you keep an eye on your domain name expiration dates. As soon as ended or erased the domain name, another person mig…

Namecheap Renewal Coupon – 20% Off Orders Latest in 2018

Namecheap Renewal Coupon will save you 20% Off for domain names and web hosting. It’s active & latest in this month. So that, if you want to renew your domain names and web hosting at Namecheap with the cheaper price, this is the latest discount for you now. Hence, I would recommend you use it. Don’t know the expiry date, you need to hurry up to renew yours now.
Namecheap usually offers coupon codes once a month. Their coupon codes usually discount 10% off on domain names purchases and 25% off or 40% off on VPS hosting or Dedicated servers. In addition to the discount below, it has been being active for some months and you can buy as many as you want. Namecheap is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 617547 real customer ratings and reviews at Shopper Approved Namecheap provides one of the best all-around customer experiences I’ve had online. I never miss an opportunity to sing your praises. Thanks for being awesome. CLICK EACH NAMECHEAP RENEWAL COUPON BELOW TO USE These Namecheap renewal coup…

Dotster Renewal Coupon – 25% Off on .COM domains renewal latest in 2018

Dotster renewal coupon will save you 25% Off for .COM domain active in this year currently. This is the latest promotion from Doster domain name registrar. So that with this discount, you can renew your domain names at them with 25% off on total orders. Don’t know the expiry date. Hence, you should hurry up to renew yours now if you have many domains going to expire soon.

Renewal coupons from Dotster are extremely rare, they don’t usually offer these such types of coupon codes for their customers. But you can use one of them below for your renewal orders. They’re still active till now. PLEASE CLICK EACH DOTSTER RENEWAL COUPON BELOW TO USE These Dotster renewal coupon codes below were active and working 100% tested. I’ve checked all before posting on this page. However, in some cases, you can not use them because of Dotster’s policies with your account or your country. So that, I would recommend you should try and test all of them before paying, as many as you want until you find an act…

Guide to Manage Domain and Point Domain at GoDaddy

GUIDE TO MANAGE DOMAIN AND POINT DOMAIN AT GODADDYGuide to manage domain and point domain at GoDaddy. As you know that, Godaddy currently is the world’s largest domain name registrar in the world. Their domain management interface is quite easy to use for almost users, but you may find its hard to start because of its English language interface. Don’t worry about this. However, if you get used to Godaddy’s interface for a long time and change to use control panel of other registrars such as NameSiloNamecheap or, you will definitely burst into tears: Why is it so bad??? Well, Godaddy is one of the few domain name registrars much focusing on account management, even domain, hosting and other services. Their current user interface using flat design style which is so outstanding since last year. Now I will guide you how to manage and point domain at Godaddy below To begin, you need to access to Godaddy homepage, then login to your account Domain management page. Notice that …